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For any of you interested, Gary Oldman will be speaking at LACMA this Friday evening. It will be preceded by a showing of “State of Grace” at 5 PM, and then followed by a screening of “The Contender” (Great performances in this, all around). Go to the link below for specifics. Tickets are $10.00 a piece for non members. If you go, I will look forward to seeing you there!


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A View Of Success

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Spring boarding off the Ted Talks video, here is a recent identification of pursuing a belief until satisfied with the outcome. What she has accomplished by applying herself to a circumstance is no less spectacular than what we can accomplish by applying ourselves to ourselves. We may not cure cancer, but we will develop ourselves, regardless. Please paste the following link into your browser.


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I wanted to share this Ted Talks video with you. I have used aspects of this with some of you in session, but the extended talk given by Simon Sinek is worth listening to in my opinion. Please think of yourselves as “the product” he speaks of and how those you choose to have represent this product, relate to it. Comments are always welcomed.

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Many of you have expressed an interest in knowing what each other has accomplished, been recognized for, and/or have had specific success in. I will update this as each of you continues to progress. My apologies in advance for not having started this sooner because many of you had a number of accomplishments earlier last year that I won’t be publishing. I believe we’ll have plenty to talk about this year!

As of January 2012 the following has occurred:

1. TASSO FELDMAN will be playing the part of Konstantin is in the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s production of “THE SEAGULL.” It will be running this year.

2. VALERIE AZLYNN shot the pilot “SULLIVAN & SON” toward the end of 2011, playing the series regular part of Melanie. We are waiting to hear if it will be picked up.

3. NICO EVERS-SWINDELL shot the pilot “DUMB GIRLS” toward the end of 2011, playing the series regular part of Ian. We are waiting to hear if it will be picked up.

4. LUCAS KERR comes into 2012 having just shot a record 4 commercials in one month (3 of them nationals) and doing a major Diesel Fragrance Campaign.

5. RICK MALAMBRI is currently in the mix for a guest shot on “CSI: MIAMI.”

6. MAX ADLER is currently in the final round for  the part of Cameron in the Independent Feature “SIGHT UNSEEN.” We may also be seeing him return to “GLEE” this year in his breakout role, Karofsky.

7. ISABELLA HEATHCOTE has just put the finishing touches on her leading role in “DARK SHADOWS,” playing the lead opposite Johnny Depp. We will also see her this year in the David Chase project, “TWYLIGHT ZONES.”

8. JULIA WHELAN has just been seen in a guest star part on “N.C.I.S. MIAMI,” will be seen soon in a guest star part on “CASTLE,” and will be seen in May as a guest star on “THE CLOSER.”

I will stay currant with this as it all unfolds. If I’ve left anything out, my apologies, and please let me know.

There is more to come… I believe much more!

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Thought you might enjoy how Mr. Tatum describes his process.


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I am happy to report that Sophie Hart (one of our crew) has followed through with one of her desires and launched Candy Crowns. She has been working diligently over the past year and is finally receiving outside recognition for her determined efforts. Please reference below her “making of” video and a four page spread in Satellite Magazine (the last four pages of the magazine). Congratulations Sophie! Keep up the great work.

If you’d like to respond to her work, you can do so here, or send her your own email at: sophiehart12@gmail.com

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