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When Do You Give Up?

In darker times, many of you have expressed the feeling of “giving up,” “leaving the business,” “be done with it already,” “enough is enough.” I ask you to watch this video and see what one high school athlete did when she was confronted with this. As we have spoken of, there is great power in completing any challenge. Satisfy yourself and you will have done your best. Follow through and finish it! I look forward to your thoughts. Thank you to Jimmy Brighton for passing this along to me.



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This article was sent to me by one of the crew. It is hard to absorb what we know AFTER the fact, when we are lead to believe what is the truth. I welcome your thoughts.



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From the play EQUIVOCATION, by Bill Cain.
Shakespeare (“Shag”) is having an argument with his troupe of players, and Cecil – the king’s advisor, who has commissioned Shakespeare to write a piece of theatrical propaganda, interrupts them. Richard, one of the actors, believes that acting is good for one thing… Shag believes it is good for much more.

Richard: We step out on stage and try to show them something – enormous, unimaginable – for good or ill. And if they catch a sight of themselves in us, we’ve done our job. We hold the mirror up. Nothing more.

Cecil (to Shakespeare): What do you say, writer? Do you show them their souls? Or what they are?
Shag (Shakespeare): Not what they are, but – that they are… They forget.
Cecil: And soul?
Shag: God’s truest name is I am. Each time an actor steps out on a stage, his very being proclaims “I am.” They – (the audience) – with us, for a moment, remember that they ARE. When they see Sharpe here –
(Sharpe – young, handsome, all things still possible – faces the audience)
Shag: – undefined – royal fool, soldier king, saintly sinner – they know in him their infinite possibility. For a moment, his body becomes their soul. Our bodies become their souls made visible. What could they not do if, while in that god-like state, if we were to tell them – the truth?

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