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I am posting a specific roundtable talk with a group of actresses because I found their discussion about actors knowing their words/lines refreshing and relevant. There are many other interesting discussions to check out as well. There are people we have to work with; and then, there are the people we want to work with.

Thank you, Julia, for bringing this to my attention.

This video, starting at 10:50. Connie Britton, then Juliana Margulies talk about the importance of knowing lines.

The other THR videos include roundtables with comedy and drama actors/actresses in both film and tv, directors, writers, showrunners, etc.

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VALERIE AZLYNN is shooting her third film during her hiatus from “SULLIVAN & SON.” It’s called, “NEVERMORE” and she is playing the female lead, JENNIFER.

DANIEL DITOMASSO’S pilot “WITCHES OF EAST END” has been officially picked up. He will be playing the part of┬áKILLIAN GARDINER.


ISABELLA HEATHCOTE is about to begin shooting the film, “THE CURSE OF DOWNER’S GROVE,” playing the lead, CHRISSIE. She will also be shooting the film, “PREPPIE CONNECTION” playing the part of ALEX.

LUCAS KERR has booked a National OLIVE GARDEN Commercial.

JULIA WHELAN has been nominated for an AUDIE AWARD for her audiobook narration of, “THE WITNESS.” She was also selected as “BEST YOUNG ADULT VOICE OF 2012.”

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I want to thank Nico for bringing this to my attention. I find it rewarding and inspiring to see any human being attempt change. There are plenty of those who will tell us we can’t, we won’t, we shouldn’t; and there is us. Feel free to respond with your thoughts.


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