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My apologies for not posting for the month of May. Here is the latest news.

1. MONIQUE CURNAN has joined the crew and is currently shooting the film, “Model Home.” She is playing the lead character, CAMILA TORRES.

2. JOHN FOREST has had a number of past commercial spots dusted off and brought back to life. He also shot an Independent Feature in NYC called, “In Lieu Of Flowers.” He plays the part of GARY.  He continues making some shorts/sketch videos that are posted on the website,  “funnyordie.com”.  search Neil and John. You can also use the link below.


3. LUCAS KERR has booked his second Guest Starring part on the show, “Rizzoli & Iles.” He is playing the part of SHANE FINNEGAN. He’s the lead in a “boy band” and has been hired, not only for his acting, but because he was able to do the intricate moves and singing required for the part as well. Anybody hear, TRIPLE THREAT! He has also just recently completed work on the new Katy Perrry music video, “Part Of Me.” He plays her boyfriend in the beginning of the video (see link below).


4. JULIE MCNIVEN is playing the part of BETH in the film “The Possession of Michael King.” The role is that of his sister. She also booked a national Target Commercial.

5. JIMMY TAYLOR has joined the crew from Australia and is currently touring around his homeland in a play called, “Stop. Rewind.” He is playing two parts in the production, the part of GRANT and RENE.

6. RYAN VIGILANT (recent transplant and student of mine from NYC) has booked two Independent Features. The first is called “Affluenza” and he will be playing the part of MATT KOZLOWSKY. The second one is called, “Jet Set” and he will be playing the lead character, MAX. Welcome to LA Ryan!

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Thought this article might be of interest to some of you.


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Jennifer Bronstein will be performing in a ONE EVENING PERFORMANCE of  “The Winters Tale,” in a 1400 seat theater, on the evening of June 29th. The information is below and I encourage all of you to support her in this entrepreneurial and creative enterprise. I will be there.

If you purchase your tickets (THIS WEEK) directly by clicking on the paypal link below you can save $6.50 in box office fees! Just be sure to enter your address so we can send you the tickets in the mail. After this week, you will not be able to save the box office fees.

VIP Tickets Include:
Premiere Orchestra Seating
Mention in the Program
VIP Button indicating your support
Champagne at intermission
Invitation to our cast party
Gift Bag

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I thought this was an interesting perspective from an individual who thought she had perspective; until she actually bothered to take a closer look. Paste into browser and see what you think.


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