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Be Mindful

I want to thank Julie for sharing a poignant story that gave strong value to an app called: Mindfulness Bell. It can be downloaded on Android or iPhone.

It is free and can be of value to anyone who wants to have a moment every hour, few hours, or as you wish to reflect on a statement, feeling, development, or curiosity. A zen bell will sound on your phone to keep you mindful. Could be about the audition room, focus, integrity, intimacy, or any specific aspect of your work that you want to stay mindful of. Check it out. You can make the settings fit your personal circumstances. Look forward to your thoughts.

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New For The Crew

As of February 2014 the following has occurred:

  1. MAX ADLER is doing a Series Long Recurring Role on the ABC Family Show SWITCHED AT BIRTH. He will be playing the part of TANK, a fraturnity brother Bay  befriends in her college art class.
  1. VALERIE AZLYNN has finished shooting the movie THE MOUNTAINTOP. She plays the part of PEG ANDREWS. She has also just wraped on the movie BABYSITTER, playing the lead as HAILEY LONGWAYHER. She has also recently asked back to appear on CRAIG FERGUSON. She will also be entertaining our troops overseas as part of a USO TOUR. After that, she returns to SULLIVAN & SON as MELANIE.
  1. DANIEL DITOMASSO will be returning to THE WITCHES OF EASTEND as Series Regular KILLIAN for a second season.
  1. TASSO FELDMAN is doing a Series Long Recurring Character on the new ABC show BLACK BOX. He will be playing the role of Leo.
  1. TIFFANY HINES has booked a Season Long Recurring Guest Star role on DEVIOUS MAIDS as DIDI. She has also been asked to do another episode of BONES in a Recurring Guest Star role. She has also been asked to do reshoots for BACKSTROM.
  1. LAINE NEIL booked a commercial for BCBG.
  1. CORNELIUS SMITH JR went through a three month process and has won a nationwide contest sponsored by ABC TV. He will be placed under contract with them for one year as they look for the right project.
  1. JIMMY TAYLOR booked a guest staring role on CRIMINAL MINDS playing the part of  RODNEY.

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In some of our work we have dealt with the immediacy of the negative having lasting effect, while the accomplishment of the positive comes and goes quickly. The negative lasts after the fact, so maybe that has conditioned us to look for the positive to last in a similar way. Are we looking in the wrong place? Maybe it’s an opposite identity; the positive is taking place before the fact. Learning to live in the now may be an achievement, but quickly lost if you are unable to remember how you got there.
Thank you Tasso, for sharing this quote.
From a book called, “Moon-walking with Einstein,” by Josua Foer
How we perceive the world and how we act in it are products of how and what we remember. We’re all just a bundle of habits shaped by our memories. And to the extent that we control our lives, we do so by gradually altering those habits, which is to say the networks of our memory. No lasting joke, invention, insight, or work of art was ever produced by an external memory. (external memory: information we store on hard drives of computing devices, ex.a photograph)  Not yet, at least. Our ability to find humor in the world, to make connections between previously unconnected notions, to create new ideas, to share in a common culture: All these essentially human acts depend on memory. Now more than ever, as the role of memory in our culture erodes at a faster pace than ever before, we need to cultivate our ability to remember. Our memories make us who we are. They are the seat of our values and source of our character. Competing to see who can memorize more pages of poetry might seem beside the point, but it’s about taking a stand against forgetfulness, and embracing primal capacities from which to many of us have become estranged. That’s what Ed had been trying to impart to me from the beginning: that memory training is not just for the sake of performing party tricks; it’s about nurturing something profoundly and essentially human.




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