Low budget film making should be about the budget, not about the film making. Use technology to put forth your point of view, not to dilute it.


I would like to thank one of the crew for bringing this forward. It’s the first poem “The Journey” and I believe relatable to each of us in it’s own way.

The Journey by Mary Oliver


I ask all of you to take the time to read these words.


They were reflected, in part, in this other item I ask you to watch, a roundtable with a new group of actresses.


I look forward to your thoughts.

Watch out for PARADOX! 🙂

I went on a rough and tumble deep sea fishing trip this past Saturday/Sunday. While I cast my line into the depths of the ocean off the Coast of Maui, Peter O’Toole died. I grew up as one of many admirers of his work and life. I admired his original style, unconventional point of view, and distinctive persona. This is a special interview (his last interview) given and I believe is wonderfully representative of the actor and the man. After you read it, assuming you have all seen “Lawrence of Arabia,” I would suggest you watch four of his films, “The Lion In Winter,” “The Stunt Man,” “Becket,” and “My Favorite Year.” Let me know if he captures, captivates, or otherwise moves you, as he has me, throughout my life.


In Support of Theater

If you want, Jennifer Bronstein is performing in the following theater piece:

“Sherlock Through the Looking Glass” at the beautiful Odyssey Theater in Los Angeles. As many of you know, they originally opened this show over the summer in North Hollywood and it was such a success that they were invited to perform at the award winning Odyssey theater. A limited amount of Goldstar tickets were just released so get them while you can for 1/2 off.


Brene Brown is a researcher who has discovered an opposite in her own perceptions of vulnerability. It has caused her to have a deep personal insight and a larger perspective of her developmental thinking. When you watch this, I ask you to think of the way we are working with Integrity and how it finds partnership with what she terms as “Whole-hearted” experience. Also, how the desire for “Connectedness” reflects our work with being “Gotten” and the desire to communicate who and what we are to those individuals that are our intimates. The parallels that exist throughout the talk she gives are extensive to our work and valuable. I look forward to your thoughts.

Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability

Baby, Baby, Baby!

As many of you know from the work we have done, there is much to identify in the natural experience of the child. We have spoken at length about the circumstances surrounding each of us that may make it challenging and difficult to reclaim that which was reshaped, changed, or conditioned. Please watch this video to see another example of the ease and integrity with which this baby travels through their emotional spectrum with no other stimulus than the human voice… and more specifically, the mother’s voice. Thanks to Jennifer and Max for the share.



It is easy to shower false praise and even easier to be critical, but sometimes we are compelled to write something. … even when you’re Anthony Hopkins. Interestingly, he speaks to the entire experience rather than the singular accomplishment. It might last longer as a result. Please feel free to read this.


Thank you Rachel for sending this to me. I want to share his opinion with the rest of the crew. Given Bryan Cranston’s strong popularity at the present and his many years in the pursuit of our business, I believe that many of you will find that he speaks in a way that will connect with an experience you are working with or on. Please click on the short video below. I look forward to any of your thoughts.


All For The Porn Of It

This was fantastic and necessary in my opinion. Thanks to Valerie for bringing this to my attention. Look forward to any of your thoughts. If the sound screws up simply replay it and it should clean up.